Our Mission

At Venture Source Ltd it is our mission to help venerable people find safe and clean places to live, whilst securing lucrative deals for investors and landlords.  For us, everyone involved needs to win. We work with only reputable and established Social Housing and Supported Living companies across the UK.


Rogue Landlords and Service Providers

Throughout the UK, a great many of the rooms in this sector are of a very poor standard.  Some landlords involved in this strategy do not supply the level of support required by their tenants and take more than their fair share of profit. This can exacerbate the problems faced by people who are already vulnerable. We want to help eradicate this situation by working only with reputable, Supported Living companies and landlords.



There is a shortage of Social Housing and Supported Living in Bradford, and we are looking for 1000 rooms across the city.  Each property needs to be in good condition and meet Bradford City Councils required standards.

Pentagon Housing Group https://pentagonhousing.co.uk/  have recently gained a deal with Bradford City Council and are now supplying supported living across the city.  Their sister company Home Safe Housing are well established in Birmingham and run over 200 quality rooms across the city.  They are a respected company providing a great standard of housing and support to their clients


Our Supported Living associates want to buy and lease properties in Bradford. In principle, leases typically last 5 years.  For larger properties such as blocks of flats, leases can run up to 10 years.

During this period the Supported Living company takes full responsibility for the property.  In principle, the landlord is safe from void periods and maintenance.  Once up and running, the only responsibly for the landlord is insuring the property and covering any major repairs such as the gas boiler needing to be replaced.

Fees in Bradford are paid as follows –


Bradford Fees Paid

Areas covered – we cover ALL areas within Bradford Council but postcodes 1,2,5,6,7, & 8 work best for us.

Prices paid –  

·         Bedsits – £375

·         1 Bed Property – £400

·         2 Bed Property – £500

·         3 Bed Property – £650

·         ABOVE THIS – £50 per room per week.


Sourcing for Investors

We know exactly what properties are required in each area.  Any properties that we source for investors, will have a recommendation letter from our associate Supported Living company, guaranteeing the property is required for their purposes.



We are looking for 300 rooms in Birmingham.  These properties will typically be HMO’s.


 Birmingham Fees Paid

Areas covered – we cover ALL areas within Birmingham which are classified as ‘Birmingham City Council’, yet we do not look to take on HMO PROPERTIES in the following areas.

> Sparkhill

> Handsworth


Birmingham Prices paid – we operate a model of taking on the cost of rent, utilities, maintenance, and council tax when concerning leasing property from landlords. In Birmingham, a rate of £65.00 per bedroom per week [PRPW], for a typical HMO Property.

Venture Source Ltd will be responsible for checking your property every other month, making sure it is kept in good condition. We will also pay your rent one month in areas and organise any contracts with the Social Housing company.  If there are any large problems with the property, resulting in the landlord needing to be contacted, (such as the boiler needing to be replaced), we will contact the landlord.


For our services we charge 10% of the rent ongoing throughout the lease period.   Half of the first month’s rent is retained by us as our set-up fee.


We hope this answers any concerns you have, but feel free to call us if you have any questions.