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Our Mission

At Venture Source Ltd it is our mission to help vulnerable people find safe and clean places to live, whilst securing lucrative deals for investors and landlords.  For us, everyone involved needs to win. We work with only established and respected Social Housing and Supported Living providers.


Rogue Landlords and Service Providers

Throughout the UK, a great many of the homes in this sector are of a very poor standard.  Some landlords involved in this strategy do not supply the level of support required by their tenants, and take more than their fair share of profit. This can exacerbate the problems faced by people who are already vulnerable. We want to help eradicate this situation by working only with reputable, Supported Living providers and landlords.



There is a shortage of Social Housing and Supported Living in Bradford, and we are looking for all types of homes, in most areas.  If your property is in decent condition, we can probably use it.

Our partners have an arrangement with Bradford City Council and are now supplying supported accommodation in all areas.  They are already well established in Birmingham and run over 200 quality rooms across the city.  They are a respected company providing a high standard of housing and quality support for their service users.

We source property for our partners and clients to lease or purchase. Leases typically last 5 years, though for larger properties such as blocks of flats, leases can run up to 10 years.

During this period the Supported accommodation provider takes full responsibility for the property.  In principle, the landlord is safe from void periods and maintenance.  Once up and running, the only responsibly for the landlord is to ensure the integrity of the building.


Sourcing for Investors

We know exactly what properties are required in each area.  Properties that we source for investors, will already have been earmarked by our associated care provider, identifying that the property is suitable for their purposes.



We are looking for 300 rooms in Birmingham.  These properties will typically, but not exclusively, be HMO’s.


Areas covered – we cover ALL areas within Birmingham which are classified as ‘Birmingham City Council’, although at the moment we are not looking for HMO PROPERTIES in the following areas.

> Sparkhill

> Handsworth