Existing Landlords

We work with various social housing companies around the UK finding Landlords who want to be hands off with their properties.  Though Venture Source LTD they can lease their property to a social housing company and receive a greater rent than if they rented to a family.  Other benefits include no voids or maintenance for a period of 3 to 5 years.

Investment Opportunities

We also find properties in areas requiring social housing for investors.  We can manage any refurbishment requirements to raise the property to social housing standards.  The investor can carry on with any pressing business they have whilst we organise the rest.

Areas Needed Social Housing

At present, there is a shortage of social housing in Bradford and Birmingham.  A property with 4 let-able rooms in the Bartley Green area of Birmingham would usually gain around £600 pcm in rental income.  Through social housing this figure would be closer to £1,100!