Venture Source Ltd connect busy professionals to excellent investment properties.

Are you looking for hands off investment properties offering excellent returns? If your answer is YES, Venture Source Ltd can help. Our active team are constantly searching for properties all over the UK and building great relationships. Any investment properties found must meet our strict criteria before being considered to pass on to our investors. At Venture Source Ltd we pride ourselves in creating excellent relationships with motivated sellers and estate agents throughout the UK, often getting informed on great deals before they enter the open market.


• Excellent Condition.  All properties we view must pass our property inspection system. This makes sure each property is great condition. Sometimes properties may require paint or refurbishment. This information will always be disclosed prior to the sale and usually with estimated costs. Transparency is our aim. Repeat Investors are our game.

• Management Team In The Area.  Many busy professionals will not have time to manage their investment property. If required, we will connect you to a management team in the local area. Any HMO we present will be backed up by a HMO manager who is confident the rooms will be quickly let. Builders, legal teams and mortgage brokers are in place and ready to serve you if required.

• 30K per Lettable Room. As a rough guide for HMO’s, 30K per lettable room usually ensures an excellent return on investment but only if there are at least 4 lettable rooms. Each room must reach the minimum required size for the local area. Usually around 6.5m2 or 70sqft.

• Maximum of 15 Minutes to City Centre Via Public Transport. This refers to properties offered as HMO’s as research shows most HMO tenants don’t drive and need good transport links for work and recreation. Our rule is 15 mins from the city centre for easy access. In larger cities HMO’s work further from the centre due to additional areas for work and recreation.

Providing the investment property meets the above requirements we will carry out our due diligence which involves the following and more. We contact multiple sales and letting agents in the local area as well as other investors. We check on rental demand, rental income and competition in the area. We also get their view on the investment property and location. If we feel there could be problems renting or selling the property, we move on. To ensure the property is an excellent price, we come with similar properties in the local area. For Houses of Multiple Occupancy, we obtain quotes from builders for conversion costs to make the property compliant with licencing rules. These quotes are only estimating and not guaranteed final figures for work undertaken by builders. We will confirm local authority licence fees (if required). We only pass the deals onto out investors once we are sure the property is an excellent investment.